Tree of godsYAKUSUGI〜EUR 1 Million Table〜

Galleria Fumagalli Milano 17th~22th April 2018 11:00~13:00 15:00~19:00

Yakushima is ...

Yakushima is a 500-kilometer island in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, which was registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 1993. 90% of the island is forest. The entire island forms one mountain mass, with a total of 45 mountains measuring 1,000 meters or higher. Annual rainfall ranges from 400 cm to 1,000 cm. Since this forest belongs to the subtropics, a wide variety of plants are growing naturally. Countless ferns grow on the roots of the trees, and moss covers the surface of the earth.

What is Yakusugi ...

In general, cedar trees can live up to about 300 years, but If the cedar tree lives more than 1,000 years, then we call them Yakusugi which you can find in Yakushima, kagoshima prefecture.
Since the foundation of Yakushima is granite and has little nutrients, these cedar trees grow extremely slowly compared to those in other areas. As a result, the width of the growth rings become dense, the material is hardened and about 6 times more resin is accumulated. Because this resin has antiseptic, antimicrobial and insecticidal properties, Yakusugi can defy mortality for many years.
Yakusugi was worshiped as a "god tree" in Japan from ancient times. It was said before the 16th century that those who cut down trees in Yakushima are overcome by the spirit, so few would cut Yakusugi at that time. However, once it was traded at a high price as a high-grade material, many people harvested them and in 1982 the whole harvest was banned due to the depletion of Yakusugi.
In 1966, a 7,200-year-old Yakusugi tree called "Jomon cedar" was also discovered.

About Yakusugi in this exhibition

This Yakusugi which is exhibited here is more than 1000 years old, far beyond the age of a regular cedar.
On top of that, what amazes us is that it has been able to withstand many disasters like thunders and typhoons before arriving here. That is why it's so beautiful and has beautiful wood grain.
The wood grain of Yakusugi that grew over a long period of time was unparalleled and euphemistic to other wood. In addition, a very rare heather such as a tiger heather appears, various lights are emitted depending on the angle of view. This unique Yakusugi is exactly a symbol of "the tree in which God resides".

Concept of this projection

We would like to express this beautiful Yakusugi, which Japanese people have believed in since ancient times, with movies, not by sounds.
This Yakusugi is more than 1000 years old it has been withstand many thunders and typhoons before arriving here.
If you get closer to this display, it will reveal the landscape of Yakusugi and show flora and fauna that can not be seen normally.
By projecting these images directly on the wood grain, the picture of Yakusugi will reflect on the beautiful and special grain created by nature. You should be able to feel the flow of eternal time in Yakushima.

Shiitake Umami Soup

Do you like Japanese foods?
If you have been to Japan, you must know how difficult to find vegan foods here, because a lot of Japanese dishes contain the animal-based protein, like bonito, chicken or pork bouillon.
Vegetarian visitors might feel a bit lonely, and sometimes hungry, but actually, some of the Japanese priests make vegetarian foods by using the shiitake-mushrooms and the konbu seaweed broth a few hundred years ago. Vegan, It’s part of our food culture.
We do not only follow the traditional broth, but also update the recipe with *better tastes and *technology, to satisfy different people with different believes, We are confident to offer you a more delicious choice.